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Our New Year's Resolution- 2017

Posted on January 09, 2017 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

Happy New Year’s to all our loyal and new customers!

The ladies here at GGM are optimistic and excited for all the wonderful things in store for 2017. There is something about a new year that ushers in a fresh start and a new perspective on opportunities.

As the second semester starts, for so many of our customers (whether in high school or college), we hope and pray your start through finish is strong, you remain focused on your goals and aspirations, and you push yourself in every area of life. For our bridal customers (mother of the groom/bride, brides, and bridesmaids), we wish you peace and ease through the planning.

Whatever journey this year leads you on, our GGM prayers and wishes, are for a fabulous 2017!


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New seasons bring new beginnings.

Posted on May 02, 2016 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

New beginnings are always fun and we here at GGM would love to help you usher in a new season of your life.

To our customers graduating this May (go class of 2016!!): We have a great selection of dresses for you to wear at your graduation parties or under your very fashionable cap and gown on graduation night! ((GGM also has a great selection of Rustic Cuffs, which make great graduation gifts!))

To our customers rushing this summer (go Greek!): We have fabulous dresses for you to wear make a lasting impression on those sororities you are hoping to join.

To our customers getting married (we can hear the wedding bells ringing): We have amazing white sundresses and semi formal short dresses just waiting to be worn to your bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, and on your Honeymoon.

To our mother of the brides/grooms (we know you have put off buying your dress until last min.): We have got you covered for all the showers, luncheons, and rehearsals you will be attending this summer.

To our customers still in high school- just wanting to look cute this summer (while attending all those amazing concerts, cookouts, and trips): We know you want to look as amazing as can be in all those summer- time- social- media –pictures  you’ll be posting.

The ladies here at GGM know a thing or two about new beginnings.

The joy, the excitement, the unknowns, the expectations, and the fun they all bring. Let us be a part of the milestones you’re facing, by giving us the privilege of helping you find the perfect attire to wear, while you welcome your new season of life.

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Prom Dress Hangover

Posted on May 03, 2014 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

Prom season has come and gone for many girls. It was a much anticipated evening with all the time, money, energy, and planning that went into the big event. At some points you might have almost felt like you were planning your wedding!
Everyone knows that a major player on Prom night was the dress. As girls, we do research, we search designer websites, we discuss our options and thoughts with friends, visit shop after shop, try on dress after dress until we find “the one”. Once you found it, you just knew it was meant to be. The first time you slipped it on and saw yourself in the mirror, you instantly envisioned the look on everyone’s face when they saw you in it. You envisioned the hundreds of pictures taken (and would later be posted on Instagram and Facebook) of you and your gown. You could hear the complements that were to be said about how gorgeous your dress was.
Basically, you knew you would be as glamorous as a movie star at the Academy Awards!
Now that the craziness is over and your dress hangs there helplessly in your closet, you might be asking yourself the question “what will I do with this dress now?” After all, you kind of bonded with your prom dress, right?
So, now what?
Here are a few options you might find helpful in figuring out the fate of your fabulous gown.
Option 1: Whether or not you are planning on keeping your prom dress or not, it is highly recommended that you take your dress somewhere reliable to have it dry cleaned. After all, you eventually took a shower after prom right? One company we recommend it Diamond Cleaners INC in Tulsa. They are located off 21st street between Sheridan and Yale. Not only are they super dependable and honest but they use eco friendly products! It’s a win win!

Options 2: College is just around the corner and a great option for many girls is to have your dress taken up/hemmed and made into a short cocktail/semiformal dress. Just think, it would be one of a kind and you would have a great excuse to show off your gown again. Chrystal’s Sewing Boutique has taken up so many dresses that Chrystal herself could do it in her sleep! Her boutique is located off of Main Street Broken Arrow.

Option 3: If you are willing to give someone else the opportunity to have a beautiful night in your beautiful dress, donating or consigning your dress is a good option. Consigning your dress would allow you to make some of your money back you spent on the dress and donating it would give you the satisfaction of just being a good person.



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